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Charliza's Story

Charliza's Story

Charliza story is a powerful testimony of how God can heal and change lives. "In the beginning of 2023, I had recently had surgery which left me with a feeding tube for 3 whole months. The fear of judgment and the thought of being made fun of almost kept me away from attending church. But I was invited by my cousin Kisha to Influence and something just kept telling me to just give it a try. So, with hesitant steps, I came. I quickly attended a revival service right after I first started. It was at that service, Pastor Darnell spoke directly to me, and his words pierced through to my core. He told me my feeding tube wasn't just about food; it was about breaking free from soul ties and emotional chains. That night was a watershed moment. A wave of relief washed over me; I could finally breathe. That night God healed me! When I saw no end in sight to my condition, God used this house to bring healing both emotionally and physically. Before I got sick, my faith was a rollercoaster - hot and cold, unsure and wavering. But God, in His unwavering faithfulness, held onto me. He knew there was a purpose for my life, a calling He wasn't about to let go of. This place, it's been a sanctuary for my rebirth. It's not just a building; it's where I meet Jesus every single time. There's more to my story, I know that. And I trust that God isn't finished writing it yet. In this video, you'll get to hear Charliza's story and see how her faith in God saved her life. You'll be inspired by her courage to fight for her life, and you'll learn how God can heal anything. Watch this video and learn how God can change your life too!" - Charliza
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