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Influential Pastors

& Leaders 2019

Schedule & Talking Points

Friday Night @ 7 PM (Pastor’s Only)


7 Ways to Prepare Your Church for a Season of Growth

  1. Pray

  2. Know who your after

  3. Cast Vision

  4. Lead Volunteers

  5. Set Pace

  6. Finish Strong

  7. Think Next Steps


Saturday Morning 9AM – 1 PM


Pastors Sessions

1. Using Easter as a Catalyst

2. Aligning Teams with Mission

3. Keeping Momentum: Life and Growth After Easter

4. How to Keep Momentum Past Easter through the Summer

5. Starting Fall Off with a Bang
**There will be resources for your and your staff **


Staff & Volunteer Team Sessions
1. Leading as a World Class Leader

2. Serving Your Church and Pastor with Passion

3. Leading Teams forward

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