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Pastors and Leaders join me



1. What times:
Dec 12, 2023 @ 1:30PM-3:30PM. This event will be a monthly virtual event. There will be 2 optional meetups in 2024.

2. What will be covered?
We'll prepare you to reach more people and GROW the churches influence by teaching systems and giving resources. These are proven methods of increase and retention. Included topics will be:

1. Maximizing the first of the year

2. Casting Vision for movement

3. Maximizing Easter

4. How To Grow a Volunteer Team

5. Building a Staff that Builds

6. How To Get Buildings Supernaturally

7. How to See More People on Sunday Mornings

8. Closing "the back door" of Your Church

9. Building Amazing Givers

10. Successful Online Ministry Ingredients 

11. Small Groups: How To Build the Best Groups in Your City

12. Multi-site churches: How to Launch and Sustain

13. Building a contagious Spirit-filled church


*We will cover these topics and much more. We will also give away thousands of dollars of resources, spreadsheets, sermons and series!

3. Can I come for one session?
No. Pastor is 
committing his time to a group of leaders who want to excel to the next level. This takes a commitment from him and everyone else.

4. Are you starting some kind of Leaders Fellowship?
Yes. Eventually but Pastor Darnell's concentration currently is your growth and your organizations growth

5. Can I bring my leaders?
No. These sessions are for Senior Leaders and Spouses.

6. Is there a cost?
Yes. $500  enrollment (includes you and your spouse)

Then there will be $150 per month for 12 months beginning December 2023. The $150 will be required before each session.

**Our leaders meetings speak for themselves. You will leave empowered, encouraged and prepared to move forward with wisdom and resources.**

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